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Training Services

Lorne Cutler is an experienced trainer, focused primarily on financial subjects. 
Having given numerous speeches and presentations throughout his career at EDC, Lorne has continued his passion for training by delivering courses both prepared by him and by others. 

LAC & Associates can help develop your training courses or deliver them. To date, LAC & Associates has provided training services in the following areas:


1)  Fundamentals of Municipal Finance – This course was developed by LAC & Associates for the Ontario municipalities and can easily be adapted for other municipalities throughout Canada and the U.S.  This course is ideally suited for managers in municipal governments, elected officials, bankers and other lenders to municipal government, reporters covering “City Hall”, community groups, etc.

2) Engineering Professional Practice Exam - For the past several years, on behalf of the Ontario Society of Professional Engineers, Judith Shane and Lorne Cutler have provided training for the Engineering Legal and Ethics Exam to foreign trained engineers seeking to obtain their Ontario Professional Engineer designation. Lorne has delivered the ethics portion of the course while Judith has delivered the legal portion of the course.

3) Personal Tax Preparation - Lorne has taught a personal tax preparation course, including software training, for the past 4 years. 

4) Forum for International Trade and Training (FITT) - FITT training is a comprehensive training program for those seeking to become foreign trade practitioners.  Lorne delivered the trade financing portion of the course for the Ottawa Centre for Regional Innovation (OCRI) in Ottawa.

We would be pleased to discuss your training needs and assist you to develop course material or delivering existing material.  We specialize in simplifying complicated subjects. 
Here's what some of the participants at LAC's municipal finance training had to say:

“Awesome day of learning.  The course will shorten my learning curve significantly” – Bruce Haines, Mayorality Candidate ,  Brampton, Ontario


“A thorough and interesting primer in municipal finance combined with a great takeway resource for future reference” – Tristan Febrenbach, City Councillor Candidate, Windsor, Ontario


“All successful candidates/councillors should be required to spend a day with Lorne.  The knowledge will help me gain a strong competitive advantage to my campaign” – Dan Glenn-Graham, City councillor, Kitchener, Ontario


“Should be a mandated course for all city councillors” – Sandy White, City councillor, London, Ontario