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LEED Standard Developments 

Developers are increasingly incorporating better environmental and energy standards in their new buildings and retrofits.  Leadership in Engineering and Energy Development (LEED) has become the accepted “Good Housekeeping” standard if you want your buildings publicly recognized as being energy and environmentally friendly.   Studies have shown that buildings that meet LEED standards are what today’s tenants are seeking and can be leased or sold for a higher return than less friendly buildings.  If your doesn’t have a LEED rating, you may not convince the marketplace that your building is indeed environmentally and energy friendly and you will have a hard time getting the premium rents that LEED buildings command.


Nevertheless, there is a cost to meeting the various LEED criteria.  LAC & Associates can work with your company and your engineers and architects to understand what is required for your building to meet LEED certification.   More importantly, LAC & Associates can help you determine the costs associated with meeting the various elements of LEED.  Companies that are building to LEED standards still want to keep their eye on the bottom line and some LEED standards may make more sense to your company’s bottom line than others.   LAC & Associates can help you make that determination

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We can work with your company and your architects and engineers to determine the following:


Ø  Various LEED options available for your project.

Ø  Determination of LEED implementation costs for specific aspects of your project.

Ø  Analysis of LEED costs versus energy savings.

Ø  Optimize LEED costs versus financial payback.