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Personal Finances and Financial Coaching

Controlling your personal finances and achieving financial literacy are among the most important economic issues facing Canadians today.

From tax planning to personal budgeting, LAC & Associates can work with you to help you better understand and manage your personal finances.  The need for greater financial literacy has been identified as a growing concern by our governments and major financial institutions.  If you don’t know how money works, you will never be able to make yours work for you!


Whether you want to better control your spending, learn how to budget, track your net worth, learn how to save, understand different investment options, develop investment strategies or optimize your taxes, LAC & Associates can help you.   LAC can work with you to set up an individualized financial plan that meets your needs. 

When it comes to budgeting, most people would rather visit their dentist.  Keeping track of your spending is never easy.  LAC and Associate's unique approach to budgeting is to also keep track of your net wealth.  It is easier to save money, if you actually follow your savings instead of just your spending. 

Our Services

LAC and Associates can get your personal finances back on track through: 

  • Personal budgeting and keeping track of your net wealth.
  • Tax planning strategies 
  • Personal financial coaching
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