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Municipal Finance

Having developed the only independent municipal finance training seminar in Canada, LAC & Associates can help you understand how municipal finance works.  

Whether you are working at City Hall and need to know how finances work, a community group trying to deal with City Hall, an investor looking at what type of financial support may be available from a municipality or a journalist covering the municipal beat, LAC & Associates can provide you with an understanding of how municipal finance works and what tools are available. 

Municipalities can have budgets ranging from the ten's of millions to several billion dollars.  Similar to running a major company, running a municipality requires complex financial decisions.  Understanding where the money comes from and how it is spent is critical in making these decisions. 

Whether you are an elected official or a municipal government official, LAC can help you understand what you need to know.  LAC can also works with the public in understanding municipal finance as well as investors wanting to understand the impact of investing in a particular municipality.



LAC & Associates can provide support to your company or municipality in the following areas:

  • Municipal Finance Training – LAC and Associates has developed a detailed training course on The Fundamentals of Municipal Finance that covers topics from sources of revenue, understanding budgets and municipal financial statements to municipal financial incentive tools.   This course can be tailored for your municipality. 

  • Public Private Partnerships - Municipalities that are not typically in the business of running businesses and PPPs are businesses.  Whether you are a municipality, private investor or the public, LAC & Associates can help you navigate through the choppy waters of developing public private partnerships.
  • Development and Investment Strategies - Whether your company is looking to invest in a municipality or build a new development, you need to know the rules and support that you will get.  Municipalities compete against each other for your investment dollars and have a range of financial tools in this regard.