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Support for Small and Medium Size Enterprises 

Some of the greatest challenges facing small and medium size business is how to grow the business while keeping a strong control over the finances.  You might have a good idea but if you can’t control your money, you may not be able to successfully implement it.  Major consulting firms are often too expensive for most smaller and medium sized businesses.


LAC and Associates Consulting can provide assistance for small and medium size enterprises in areas such as the development of business plans, strategic investment decision making, negotiation of loan agreements and commercial contracts, mediation & conflict resolution, procurement optimization, start-up financing and the development of LEEDTM investment strategies.   


With over 25 years of banking, loan negotiation, accounting and investment experience, LAC & Associates can help you develop and review your business plans and make the proper business decisions. 


Let LAC & Associates help you translate your passion for business into a convincing plan that your bankers and investors can buy into
Our Services
LAC & Associates can provide assistance for small and medium size enterprises in some of the following areas:

    Ø  Business plan 

Ø  Strategic investment decision making

Ø  Loan and contract negotiation

Ø  Mediation and conflict resolution,

Ø  Export development and financing strategies

Ø  Financial analysis and tax planning

Ø  HST optimization

Ø  Development of LEEDTM investment strategies.   

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