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Financial and Project Analysis

You don’t want to enter into a new expensive project without understanding all of the risks, costs, potential rewards and potential losses.
  From modeling cash flows to weighing risks to comparing options, LAC can work with your organization to develop your project analysis or to conduct a detailed third-party review of your existing work. 

Small and medium size enterprises and government departments often don't have the in-house skills to do financial modelling or complex financial analysis.  LAC & Associates can provide your organization with the support that you need to make those important investment decisions.   


LAC & Associates worked with Sack Goldblatt Mitchell, in conjuction with Al Rosen & Associates Investigative Accounting in reviewing the Lansdowne Live development project in Ottawa.  LAC was able to find a $60 million error in that was made in determining the City's equity in the project. 


Our Services
LAC & Associates can provide financial and project analysis to your organization in the following areas: 

Ø  Risk Analysis

Ø  Cash flow analysis

Ø  Financial modeling

Ø  Strategic analysis

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